BigRock Motorsports bags the championship at the Indian Supercross Racing League

Kenneth John Published: February 26, 2024, 06:17 PM IST

The inaugural season of the CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL) has concluded, with the final leg of the first edition taking place in Bengaluru with BigRock Motorsports clinching the championship. The team dominated the Grand Finale, repeating their exceptional results from previous races, putting on a spectacular show, and winning all three categories i.e. 450cc international, 250cc international, and 250cc Indian Mix.

CS Santosh owned BigRock Motorsports' top rider, Matt Moss, riding a Kawasaki, won the 450cc international race. He did so by beating BB Racing's Jordi Tixier by just 4 points.

The dominant Reid Taylor with 110 points and Thanarat Penjan with 109 points of BigRock won the 250cc international race and 250cc India Asia Mix division, respectively. BigRock Motorsports won the title with 561 points. 1st runner up Mohite's Racing Team finished 479 points and BB Racing came in as a close 2 runner up with 453 points.

The grand finale in Bangalore gathered an incredible crowd of over 8,000 people, bringing the total physical attendance for the season to over 30,000, setting a new global record. The event represented a new era in Indian motorsports, bringing together racing fans, notable visitors, and elite riders from all over the world.

The CEAT ISRL hopes to expand on its success by continuing to provide a competitive platform for riders of all ages and ability levels. The league continues to promote youth development and environmental sustainability while representing the spirit of sportsmanship and excellence. The league is also expected to grow bigger next year with more venues set to be added to the map.

Veer Patel, Managing Director of Lilleria Group and Co-Founder of CEAT ISRL, shared his excitement, stating, "The Grand Finale in Bangalore has exceeded our expectations and set the stage for an even more thrilling second season. We have set a new global record with the maximum physical representation anywhere in the world for a Supercross event. It gives me immense pleasure to see our collective dream to take shape in reality. I am confident that with the support of FMSI, FIM, racing teams and all partners we will make India as the focal point for Supercross in the world. On behalf of CEAT ISRL, we congratulate all winners and participants for showcasing their skills and talent, which has led to the success of the inaugural season and is a testament to our collective vision."