Fire and nice!

Bertrand D'souza Updated: December 31, 2016, 01:26 AM IST

Our editor-in-chief writes fiery columns. He's driving so much and in so many places that his perspective is a considered approach from the viewpoint of the man on the street who has to deal with the rules the government makes, or collective behaviour that makes no sense or just sheer administrative or daily stupidity.

But in 2016 his most popular column was about his very first motorcycle. But why don't we just let you read it for yourself. Here are Bert's top three most popular columns of the year 2016.

Royal Enfield: the fuel that powers its motor - July 29, 2016

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Deluxe

"What makes a product attain such legendary status? I don't have an answer to that. Royal Enfield's motorcycles aren't the most reliable; they aren't state-of-the-art where technology or reliability or manufacturing is concerned. And yet a brand or rather a motorcycle that was first born in 1931 and came to India in 1949 still holds reign over such a large court - it is an astonishing tale."

Crash and burn! May 17, 2016

Scorpio Crash GNCAP

"A zero-star rating is Global NCAP's way of saying that in the event of an accident, people within the vehicle will not survive, they could perish, or worse be maimed for life or paint any horrific picture you'd like here. It's disheartening to see manufacturers who consider themselves responsible and practise responsible manufacturing take human life in India this lightly."

Is the Auto Expo 2016 the success story it ought to be? - February 9, 2016

Auto Expo Mart

"So to SIAM I say, good job! You've truly taken a disaster and made it into a world-class show. However, there is now the part manufacturers have to play. Stop the freebies and get your act together. Be professionals and see what's happening around the world."

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