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Bajaj Auto sold 2.55 lakh units of 2Ws in June 2020, down by 27 percent

Aditya Chatterjee  | Updated: July 02, 2020, 10:35 AM IST

Pune based automobile manufacturer Bajaj Auto has released its sales figures for June 2020. The company had sold a total of 1,46,695 units in the domestic market, down by 26 percent compared to that of June 2019 which were 1,99,340 units. Exports numbers stood at 1,08,427 units, which have dipped by 29 percent compared to that of June 2019's sale of 1,51,951 units. The total numbers for June 2020, add up to 2,55,122 units, registering a decline of 27 percent compared to 3,51,291 units in June 2019.

The commercial business saw a sales performance of 4,494 units in June 2020 in the domestic market, which was 29,885 units in June 2019 amounting to a drop of 85 percent. The exports for commercial business stood at 18,481 units in June 2020, 21 percent lower than that in June 2019 which was 23,448 units. In total, Bajaj Auto sold a total of 22,975 commercial vehicles in June 2020, 57 percent lower than that in June 2019.

The YTD performance saw Bajaj Auto sell a total of 1,85,981 units  of 2Ws during Apr-Jun 2020 which was 6,10,936 units during Apr-Jun 2019, a decline of 70 percent. Exports of 2Ws were 2,13,948 units this year, a decline of 55 per cent compared to 4,71,691units during the previous. In total, the 2W YTD sales saw a decline of 63 percent, with a sale of 3,99,929 units compared to 10,82,627 units. The commercial sales performance during Apr-Jun 2020 are 5,282units which were 86,217units during Apr-Jun 2019, reporting a drop of 94 percent. Exports of commercial vehicles during the quarter was 37,892 units, down by 52 percent compared to 78,330 units in the same period last year. Collectively, this amounted to a drop of 74 percent in commercial sales compared to that done in the same period last year.  In terms of total sales, which includes 2Ws and commercial vehicles, during Apr-Jun 2020, the company sold a total of 4,43,103 units, 64 per cent lower than that done in the same period last year.


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