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Autoguard treatment protects your car from rats

Team OD  | Published: July 06, 2018, 10:00 AM IST

Rats getting into the car's engine bay and chewing on wires, or plastics can be a recipe for disaster. To prevent this from happening, Autoguard has introduced the Anti-Rat Treatment. The treatment is available in the form a spray and can be applied to any car. This is an effective, humane, and instant treatment to keep rodents from damaging expensive plastic, and rubber parts.

Its application is simple. Ensure that you have a cool, dry surface and spray the Autoguard onto wires, cables, plastic and rubber parts around the car engine. There is also an included nozzle for difficult-to-reach areas. After the treatment, you can avoid washing the engine area for two months, and be free from any rodent infestation.

Ten minutes after spraying the treatment, you can start your car and begin using it once again. During the application, Autoguard suggests you use gloves and mask to cover your hands and face respectively.


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