Auto Expo 2018: UM Renegade Thor electric cruiser launched at Rs 9.9 lakh

Abhishek Samuel Published: February 08, 2018, 05:39 PM IST

UM Motorcycles has landed a surprise at the Auto Expo 2018 with the launch of the UM Renegade Thor electric cruiser in India for an initial price of Rs 9.9 lakh (ex-showroom). UM aims to bring this price down to Rs 4.9 lakh by 2020. UM states that the UM Renegade Thor is India's first electric cruiser motorcycle with a transmission. The 30kw electric motor on the UM Thor produces 70Nm of immediate torque and features liquid cooling for efficient battery temperature management. UM has paired the motor with a five-speed gearbox to increase range and reduce the load on it. Interestingly, the Um Renegade Thor has a claimed range of 270km, and a top speed of 180kmph.

The Thor also features fast charging which results in 80 per cent charge within 40 minutes. Bookings open in April 2018. The name is a reference to Thor, the Norse god of thunder. UM Motorcycles states that the Renegade Thor electric cruiser will cost Rs 9.9 lakh for the first 50 pieces, delivery of which will begin in December 2018. The owners of these first 50 UM Renegade Thor electric cruisers will be flown to Tuscany, Italy, where the bike is currently built for a launch ride and delivery of their motorcycle.

UM has stated that it is now going to bring the motorcycle to India and localise it to cut the cost to half. The company aims for the motorcycle to be produced in India by 2020 and to cost around Rs 4.9 lakh. Other features on the Thor motorcycle include an optional TFT display with bluetooth connectivity. The display also features inbuilt navigation as well integration with UM Roar app.

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