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Auto Expo 2018: 50th year celebrations of Hot Wheels gets underway

Team OD  | Updated: February 09, 2018, 12:42 PM IST

2018 marks the 50th year celebrations of one of the most iconic and recognized toy car brand, Hot Wheels. And to commemorate this, Hotwheels is celebrating in a big way at Auto Expo 2018. A property of Mattle toys, Hot Wheels has rolled out a new campaign 'Challenge Accepted' which aims to instill the challenger spirit in children, says Hot Wheels.  At the Hot Wheels pavilion are two, life size cars that bear designs which are identical to the designs seen on a variety of Hot Wheels toy cars.

The first car depicts classic, hot rods of the 60's. Based on the Contessa Classic, the car is replete with spoilers, body kits and large, red hot flames and what have you, representing the brand's signature style. On the inside, you'll see a chain design steering and a skull head gear knob.  The second car is built to depict a modern, 21st century car. It has  wide air dams, a body kit, a big spoiler, LED lights and a lot of other touches, representing the modern era.

These cars look exactly like the Hot Wheels toys that kids play with, and the sight of them is surely going to send people on a nostalgia trip.  Hot Wheels debuted in 1968 when Mattle's co-founder Elliott Handler collaborated with a car designer and a rocket scientist to develop a Hot Wheels toy cars. Back then, these cars were way ahead of their time while looking ultra cool.

So far, Mattle has manufactured over 6 billion Hot Wheels cars. That's one car every 16.5 seconds!


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