Auto Expo 2014: Hero Hastur unveiled in India

Team OD Published: February 10, 2014, 06:05 PM IST

The Hero Hastur concept motorcycle was the centrepiece of Hero's motorcycle announcements at the Auto Expo and features what looks like a HX250R frame - trellis frame and trellis swingarm - painted yellow wearing a 625cc parallel-twin engine. The name itself is unexplained and it isn't clear whether this is a running prototype but there is a lot to like in the Hastur.

The edgy styling is strongly reminiscent of Gerald Kiska's work and the perhaps the one detail we didn't really like at all is the fairing that surrounds the twin projector head lamps. But that aside, the promise of a Erik Buell blessed 625 twin with a light frame and good power is something we all can look forward to.


Hero did not discuss launch plans but the importance of being in and doing well in the premium end of the market will not be lost on Hero if they are to keep their sales high and buzz alive. The Hastur, we believe is an early prototype but there is a lot to look forward to if the motorcycle goes into production.

From the state of the motorcycle, we would guess that the Hastur will be ready for launch by 2016 at the very earliest. Want specs? Hero says the engine will make 80PS at 9600rpm and 72Nm of the peak torque. The transmission is a cassette-type 6-speed unit and the engine itself is a stressed member of the frame. Just like on the EBR 1190s the Hastur also gets controlled swirl injector (CSI) for a better burn and greater power and efficiency. Top speed is said to be 240kmph with 100kmph coming up in 3.8 seconds. Weight is just 160kg.

The middleweight motorcycle market in India (as well as abroad) is very hot right now and a lot of manufacturers are focussing on sales in this segment where prices are relatively low, insurance rates (extremely critical abroad) are reasonable and the Hastur will be vital to Hero's export plans just as much as to its Indian plans where the segment is growing rapidly.


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