August 2014 issue of OVERDRIVE out on stands now

Team OD Published: July 22, 2014, 03:42 PM IST

This month, OVERDRIVE gives you compelling reasons to go for the freshest of ideas and choices. We put Tata Motors' latest offering, the Zest to the test (yes we love saying that) and then went ahead and pitted it against the current contendors in the compact sedan segment. The Zest might just be the knight in shining armour for Tata. Meanwhile Honda add their midas touch to the MPV segment with the Mobilio. Again, we couldn't help ourselves and put the hugely popular Ertiga into the mix. And we've driven the minty fresh Polo too to see if it has indeed become the car it was always meant to be.

August 2014 issue

The much awaited CLA 45 AMG gets launched this month. Does the AMG treatment live up to all those adrenaline-rush montages and that AMG feeling in the commercial? Of course, we took it out for a spin to find out for ourselves. Yamaha joins the 'fresh' brigade by giving the FZ a much needed update. Would the BlueCore tech make the FZ V2 pop, crackle or just fizzle out? The answer is just a ride away. You can head to the stands now to learn what we did.

While manufacturers put their minds to freshen up their line ups and offerings, we at OD apply our own brand of  ingenuity to refresh and resell old concepts. Who else would imagine putting old, faithful scooters on a go-kart track and have some fun while at it? Well, the very same people who subject luxury SUVs to a rigorous drive all the way up to Rohtang and beyond, just to marvel at the stars that light up the clearest of skies. Because, we can. And the same lot then travels the iconic Route 66 from west to east and enjoys good ol' fafda, bypassing motels and eateries immortalised in movies like Easy Rider.

Looks like we weren't the only ones who thought of fun things to do on a scooter - The Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally participants whizzed through a slippery, slushy battlefield, for victory and  of course, for the fun of it. Meanwhile, some fresh entrants to the world of real world racing include GT gamers, all thanks to the Nissan GT Academy. For those of you who didn't make it to the final six, we have a delicious poster of the Nissan Concept Vision GT - you know, to paste on your wall for positive reinforcement and motivation, until you get there.

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