Audi to go fully electric by 2033

Kenneth John Published: August 26, 2021, 05:42 PM IST

By 2030, Audi aspires to be a sustainable, social, and technical leader. Audi intends to provide electric car owners with an unrivalled onboard system complete with its own ecosystem. From 2026 forward, all-new Audi vehicles will be electric and engine manufacturing will cease in 2033.

Audi's Board of Management has spent the last few months devising Audi's new "Vorsprung 2030" strategy in order to continue living up to the company's "Vorsprung durch Technik" ("Progress through Technology") tagline in the future. Audi is actively confronting its change now that a definite deadline for the company's transition to e-mobility has been determined.

Audi CEO Markus Duesmann said "'Vorsprung durch Technik' remains necessary because we can only solve many of the world's major problems, such as carbon emissions and global warming, through the use of clean technologies. We view ourselves as a company that guarantees the freedom and individual mobility of our customers. We don't simply develop technology for its own sake. It must be consequential and effective in keeping the world moving."

Silja Pieh, Audi's chief strategist, and her colleagues devised a new method for developing a long-term and forward-thinking company strategy. She spent months researching more than 600 worldwide trends in the mobility industry through 2030 that might become important to Audi with the help of roughly 500 Audi workers from all levels of the firm and from significant markets such as China and the United States. As a consequence, important areas of action were identified, which the team reviewed and assessed with the Board of Management in depth.

The new strategy focuses on profitable growth and differentiation – and provides guidelines for prioritizing strategic areas of activity.

The new Head of Development aims to put a significant focus on innovations that customers may experience through the "Audi DNA" initiative. Customers will be able to upgrade their vehicles in the future, as well as update or install subsystems as needed. Customers will be able to upgrade their vehicles in the future, as well as update or install subsystems as needed. The list of Audi inventions is long, and it will get even longer in the future.

In Audi's new strategic alignment, the Chinese market will continue to play an essential role. According to Audi, the premium car market in the United States would increase to 4.5 million units per year by 2030, up from 3.1 million units in 2020. Furthermore, the percentage of electric cars in this total may rise from 10% now to 40% by the end of the decade.

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