Assembled in India Suzuki Hayabusa carries minimal changes

Rishaad Mody Published: March 29, 2016, 05:31 PM IST

Last month, Suzuki took a big step ahead for the performance motorcycle market in India. The company announced that it was putting its flagship motorcycle, the legendary Hayabusa hypersport into CKD production. The bike will now be assembled using kits imported from Japan at Suzuki's plant in Gurgaon on a new CKD line.

Suzuki Hayabusa CKD (1)

Suzuki Hayabusa CKD (3)

This has resulted in a significant price cut and the motorcycle will now set you back by Rs 15.8 lakh on-road in Mumbai. That makes it roughly five lakhs cheaper than its main rival, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R that we tested earlier this month.

For those of you concerned with what changes come with the bike now being manufactured in India, rest assured, they are minimal. It basically comes down to three, easily removable bits of metal. The mandatory saree guard is neatly designed and split in two pieces between the massive exhaust on the rear of the bike. Slightly more ungainly is the front number plate holder. It bolts down onto the mud guard near the end of front forks and spans over the front mudguard.

Suzuki Hayabusa CKD (4)

And that's about it. Beyond that you get the same legend of a motorcycle that is a easily the most recognizable sportsbike in the country thanks to some ridiculous chase sequences in a couple of Bollywood flicks. To quickly recap, the Hayabusa has a 1,340cc inline four cylinder engine that produces a hair under 200PS.

Owning one of the world's fastest motorcycles just got a lot more realistic.

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