Apple files new tech patent for self-driving cars

Team OD Updated: April 11, 2018, 12:28 PM IST

Tech giant Apple Inc seems to be making inroads in the development of self-driving cars with its latest patent filing. Apple has recently filed for a patent using the label 'Adaptive vehicle augmented reality display using stereographic imagery'. The patent application suggests that the display will use an augmented reality system which will be able to display pre-generated 3D imagery of the car's surroundings. These can be used to add details to everything the driver of the car sees. This pre-generated 3D model may include useful data for drivers including landmarks, points of interest, and others. This data could be packed into small parcels as seen on online mapping services and apps such as Google Maps.

Apple's 3D AR system could also offer a peek into what the route ahead looks like, making it a very useful system for passengers in self-driving cars. In recent months, Apple has also filed a patent for a virtual reality (VR) system, which could enhance a simple drive in an autonomous car into either a business meeting or an adventure or even a concert. With Apple working on these projects, we can't wait to see what the system finally looks like when autonomous cars and such tech solutions become available to the consumer.