2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class: All you need to know

Simran Rastogi Updated: November 20, 2020, 06:44 PM IST

As is the case with every new Mercedes-Benz S-Class pushing the boundaries of what technology can bring to the luxury sedan segment, the Maybach version adds in an extra degree of comfort and luxury for the numerous customers that want just that little more - as the 12,000 new Maybach customers in 2019 will attest to, giving the brand its best year of sales since the reboot in 2016.

And with the new-gen S-Class (223-series) having been shown only a few months back, the new Maybach S-Class (Z 223) adds 180mm in wheelbase for even more room for rear seat passengers, with a load of extras to sweeten the experience, from electronically-powered rear doors, a calf-rest massage function and up to 18 airbags (!), apart from full active noise cancellation via the Burmester audio system - all presumably to bridge the gap (and then some) to the newly introduced and tech-infused Rolls Royce Ghost, its competition from a whole segment up.

Similar to the approach that Rolls Royce took with its new Ghost, the new Maybach introduces a new line of thinking, where luxury is measured not in terms of opulence or 'wastefulness', but in the extra comfort, ease of use and aesthetics that age well. To that end, there's no denying the timelessness of the optional forged chrome wheels (in Monoblock fashion), a Maybach hallmark, since 2016 at least. Two-tone paint is also an option (in three combinations), and in true Maybach fashion, is applied by hand, in a process that can take up to a week. There's no missing the larger-sized Maybach grille in chrome, nor the chrome accoutrements and Maybach insignia around the car.

Overall length is up to 5,469mm now, with a wheelbase that stretches to 3,396mm, making the new Maybach S-Class the longest limousine to bear the nametag. Accordingly, the rear doors are wider and can be specified to open electronically, with separate door controls for a chauffeur to open or close the door without needing to exit the vehicle. The blind spot warning system tied into the ambient lighting, debuted on the new S-Class, is likely a system that will work wonders here. Similarly, the latest generation of Digital Light tech can project warning symbols via the LED headlights, directly on the road ahead.

Continuing the theme of extra luxury, the interiors of the Maybach S-Class feature rose gold inserts and larger areas of natural wood trim, between the two front seats, and the rear seats if the First-Class Rear package is specified. MBUX Interior Assist adds the ability to close the rear doors with a mere gesture of a hand, and for the first time in a Mercedes-Benz sedan, rear passengers will also receive the added convenience of rear seat belt extenders, which electronically bring the seat belt closer to the passenger's hand when they reach for it. Comfort is well accounted for, with a rear seat that reclines up to 43.5 degrees, and leg rests that extend 50mm further down, with that added calf-rest massage feature, of course.

Confirmed for the Maybach S-Class will be the twin-turbo 6-litre V12, likely with some form of electrification, with certain models likely to also get a mild-hybrid V8. It'll also get rear-wheel steering, to help shorten the turning circle, down to 11.2m. We expect the new-gen Mercedes-Benz S-Class to be launched in India sometime next year, with the Maybach S-Class likely to follow suit in early 2022.

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 1.57 Crore
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