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2018 Drag Racing: Hemant Mudappa claims three two-wheeler titles

Team OD  | Updated: September 26, 2018, 06:30 PM IST

The final round of the 2018 MMSC FMCSI Indian National Drag Racing Championship ended the last weekend at the Madras Motor Racing Track on Sunday. The event saw Vivek Ramachander of TuneOTronics top the Unrestricted and Indian Open (Stock Body) categories of the event in the four-wheeler category, which ensured he won both these championship titles.

Vivek Ramachander and Hemant Mudappa with their championship trophies

On two wheels, Hemant Mudappa of Mantra Racing claimed victories and also the titles in the Unrestricted, 1,051cc and above, and 851-1,050cc classes in the two-wheeler category.

Jayant V from Bangalore took the National title in the Indian Open (Altered Body) class of the four-wheeler category. Mumbai's Hussain Khan did well in the two-wheeler category claiming titles in the 2 Stroke 130cc and 131-165cc classes.


Four-Wheelers – Unrestricted class:
1. Mithun M (Bengaluru) (12.845secs)
2. Vivek Ramachander (TuneOTronics, Bengaluru) (12.875)
3. Radha Selvaraj (Chennai) (13.254).
National champion: Vivek Ramachander

Indian Open (Altered Body):
Mithun M (Bengaluru) (12.910)
2. Radha Selvarajan (Chennai) (13.175)
3. Jayant V (Bengaluru) (13.220)
National champion: Jayant V

Indian Open (Stock body):
Mithun M (Tunetronics, Bengaluru) (12.903)
2. Shubhodeep Ghosh (TuneOTronics, Bengaluru) (14.631)
3. Vivek Ramachander (TuneOTronics, Bengaluru) (14.785)
National champion: Vivek Ramachander

Indian Touring Cars - National champion: Kasha Sai (Salem)

Two-Wheelers (4-Stroke) – Unrestricted:
1. Hemant Mudappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru) (08.141secs)
2. Hafizullah Khan (Bengaluru) (08.312)
National champion: Hemant Mudappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru)

1051cc and Above:
1. Hafizullah Khan (Bengaluru) (08.413)
2. Hemant Mudappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru) (08.486)
National champion: Hemant Mudappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru)

1. Hemant Mudappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru) (08.618)
551-850cc: 1. Alimon (12.291)
National champion: Hemant Mudappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru)

1. Anandhu KK (Chennai) (12.775)
2. Deepak S (Bengaluru) (12.878)
3. Harshil Thakur (Mumbai) (12.996)
National champion: R Ashwin Kumar (Chennai)

1. Shankar Guru (Chennai) (13.995)
2. Shahinsha R (Chennai) (15.690)
3. Shivashankar (Chennai) (15.897)
National champion: Shankar Guru (Chennai)

1. Deepak S (Bengaluru) (13.715)
2. Harshil Thakur (Mumbai) (14.319)
3. Sameer Ali Shaikh (Mumbai) (14.752)
National champion: Harshil Thakur (Mumbai)

Up to 165cc:
1. Jagan Kumar (Chennai) (14.496)
2. Aravind Ganesh (Chennai) (15.023)
3. Gowtham R (Bengaluru) (15.075)
National champion: Aravind Ganesh (Chennai)

2-Stroke – 131-165cc:
1. Hussain Khan (Mumbai) (12.753)
2. Mohammed Rafiq (Chennai) (12.983)
3. Kaleem Pasha (Bengaluru) (13.066)
National champion: Hussain Khan (Mumbai)

Up to 130cc:
1. Mohammed Rafiq (Chennai) (13.835)
2. Aravind Ganesh (Chennai) (13.920)
3. R Madhan Kumar (14:098)
National champion: Hussain Khan (Mumbai)


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