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Auto Expo 2018: 22 Motors Flow electric scooter to be launched

Team OD  | Updated: January 30, 2018, 05:36 PM IST

22 Motors will launch its Flow electric scooter at the 2018 Auto Expo next week. A prototype of the 22 Motors Flow electric scooter was first unveiled by the Gurgaon-based manufacturer in November 2017. At the time, CEO and co-founder of 22 Motors Parveen Khar had announced that the Flow will be launched at the Auto Expo in February 2018. The 22 Motors Flow is expected to be in a price range of Rs 65,000 to Rs 70,000. The Flow electric scooter has various smart Internet of Things (IoT) features that have not been seen on similar electric offerings.

The Flow will feature geo-fencing and remote-stop to alert the owner if it is taken out of a defined area in case of theft. The 22 Motors Flow will come powered by a 2,100W electric motor which produces 90Nm of peak torque. The lithium-ion power pack gives an 80km range on a full charge that takes 60 minutes and there is provision to add two more batteries to supplement the range.

The battery has a 50,000km warranty and can be quick-charged for a range of 20km within 10 minutes. The electric scooter also has a crawl mode to allow riding the scooter to a repair stop at 3-5kmph in case the scooter tyres are punctured. It has an appealing design with its retro-modern aesthetic.


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