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Abhay Verma Updated: June 05, 2018, 06:46 PM IST

The Ather 340 and Ather 450 are the newest electric scooters to get launched in the country and come loaded with a host of innovative technologies and features, many of which have not been seen before. The scooters also boast impressive performance numbers, while the handling is sporty and engaging to say the least. Our first ride review is up already, but here's a detailed image gallery of the Ather 450, to help you acquaint yourself better with this smart electric scooter.

The Ather 450's styling is unlike any other scooter on sale in the country. In that sense, the Ather 450 is a fresh break from the ordinary and in fact the styling echoes the futuristicness of its packaging as a smart electric scooter

Viewed head-on, the Ather 450 looks slim thanks to the design of its front apron, which also houses the all-LED headlights

Turn indicators are housed in the handlebar shroud and are LED units as well. The translucent black screen that sits in between the indicators cleverly covers a little duct that helps in the cooling the battery management system that's hidden inside. Notice the design of the rear view mirrors and their stems as well - they're again a break from the ordinary and look very appealing

The Ather 450 uses telescopic forks upfront. The scooter runs on 12-inch wheels - the front tyre is a 90/90 R12 tyre from MRF, while a 200mm disc brake sourced from Bybre (Brembo) is part of standard equipment

The Ather 450 looks compact from the sides, but is accommodating and spacious, for rider and pillion both

The Ather 450 looks highly futuristic from the rear as well, thanks to the smart design of the stop light and the turn indicators that continue downwards along the sides of the rear body panel. The monoshock sits almost vertical and is placed as forward as possible for better mass centralisation

Green accents on the seat hinge look nice, while the design of the hinge itself is distinctive and minimalistic

There's a mesh area underneath the seat hinge to help channel air directly onto the motor that powers the scooter, apart from the cooling fan

The underseat storage are of the Ather 450 is larger than most scooters on sale in India - it can hold full-face helmets too, but not larger ones

The Ather 450's underseat storage area also has smartly designed cubby holes to hold documents, phones and the like

The Ather 450's instrument cluster is a 7-inch touchscreen tablet that is IP65 rated for dust and water resistance. It offers an array of information including the speedometer, available range, odometer, trip details and average speed, along with the toggle to switch from eco mode to performance mode

The touchscreen instrument cluster on the Ather 450 also holds a SIM card and offers full-time internet connectivity to let you use onboard navigation. Thus, you do not have to rely on your phone for connectivity and having navigation on offer on a 7-inch screen right in front of your eyes makes using maps a lot more convenient too. Importantly, the touch function does not work beyond speeds of 5kmph, which ensures you do not get distracted on the go

Another interesting design highlight on the Ather 450 is the design of the pillion footrests. The footrests are an extension of the floorboard and are designed such that even when the rider puts his feet down, as displayed here, the pillion's feet don't brush against the rider's legs, as is the case with most scooters

The side stand on the Ather 450 sits flush with the floorboard, and goes to show the attention to detail in terms of the scooter's design

The charging port on the Ather 450 sits on the left side of the scooter, on the inside of the front apron and also has a plastic shroud covering it when not in use to avoid accumulation of dust

The Ather 450 uses an all-aluminium subframe that looks well-engineered and boasts a very high level of finish

The BLDC or brushless direct current motor powering the Ather 450 can offer up to 5.4kW of power, which is equates to 7.3PS, but unlike several other electric scooters the motor isn't mounted directly onto the wheel hub

The motor is connected to the rear wheel via a two-stage belt drive. Interestingly, the belts use carbon fibre cords and are thus lighter and more durable than what is seen on conventional scooters

The lithium-ion battery pack on the Ather 450 has been designed and built in-house by Ather Energy and has an IP67 rating which means it can be submerged under 1 metre of water for up to half an hour without any issues

The Ather 450 gets a rear disc as standard as well, which is a 190mm petal disc, also sourced from Bybre

The lithium-ion battery pack in the Ather 450 weighs 19kg and gets these fins across its length, which help in cooling it better on the go, particularly in stop and go traffic

The Ather 450 is the only scooter on sale in the country to feature a reverse mode - reverse mode is activated either via the touchscreen or by pressing the rear brake lever, turn indicator switch and power on switch together. Speed in reverse mode is limited up to 2kmph

A toggle switch is mounted above the power button, which helps you access some of the functions of the touchscreen on the go, like selecting maps for navigation, considering that the screen does not allow touch functions above 5kmph for safety reasons

As part of its ecosystem, Ather Energy is also setting up its own charging infrastructure, called Ather Grid. Ather Grid will include charging stations like these, at various public locations like shopping malls, cafes, gyms etc that will allow owners of Ather's electric scooters as well as EVs from other brands to charge their vehicles. Ather owners will be able to access the station's fast charging function which will offering charging of 1km per minute

Alternatively, you can also watch our video review of the Ather 450 here.

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 1,24,000
Max Power(ps)
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