2017 Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm: Sanjay Agarwal leads Xtreme category after Leg 2

Team OD Updated: February 01, 2017, 05:26 PM IST

The second leg of the Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm saw participants traverse 500km from Bikaner to Jaisalmer, via Noorsar, Kelan, Rajasar, Motigarh and Nokhra. They completed three stages along the way - stages that proved to be rather tricky, ensuring that the positions on the leaderboard got shaken up a little too.

Leg 2 of Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm3

In the Xtreme category of the event, it was defending champion Sanjay Agarwal, navigated by Shivaprakash, who moved into the lead. Suresh Rana and navigator Ashwin Naik checked into a time control early, which meant that they incurred a 16 minute penalty that pushed them down the order to third place. Second place in the Xtreme category went to Harpreet Bawa and Virendra Kashyap, making sure Team Maruti Suzuki was represented towards the top of the leader board.

Leg 2 of Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm1

The top spot in the Moto category of the event continues to be held by CS Santosh from Hero MotoSport Team Rally. TVS Racing's R Nataraj is currently second, while Sanjay Kumar is third in the standings.

In the event's Ndure category, it was Debajyoti Nath and Arindam Ghosh who retained their lead, having acrued the least penalties. Arpit Gupta and T Nagarajan were second in the category. Third place went to Nikunj Toshniwal and navigator Suvrajit Dutta.

In the Xplore category, Karthick Maruthi and Sankar Anand finished first followed by Rajesh Chalana and co driver Satish Gopalkrishnan, Jagmeet Gill and Chandan Sen retained their third position in this leg as well.

Provisional results at the end of Leg 2

Xtreme category:
Sanjay Agarwal and Shivaprakash – 03:10:15 with a total penalty of 01:15:38
Harpreet Bawa and Virendra Kashyap – 03:15:07 with a total penalty of 01:17:03
Suresh Rana and Ashwin Rana – 03:21:14 with a total penalty of 01:11:42

Moto category:
C. S. Santosh – 02:37:36 with a total penalty of 00:41:29
R Nataraj – 02:48:54 with a total penalty of 00:44:35
Sanjay Kumar – 02:53:44 with a total penalty of 00:49:05

NDure category:
Debajyoti Nath and Arindam Ghosh- 00:04:12
Arpit Gupta and T Nagarajan- 00:04:41
Nikunj Toshniwal and Suvrajit Dutta-00:04:46

Xplore category
Karthick Maruthi and Sankar Anand 00:00:38
Rajesh Chalana and Satish Gopalkrishnan 00:00:40
Jagmeet Gill and Chandan Sen 00:00:42


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