2016 JK Tyre Vroom: Joel Joseph wins pro stock open class

Team OD Updated: October 24, 2016, 04:42 AM IST

The 2016 JK Tyre Vroom drag racing event was held at the Jakkur Aerodrome near Bengaluru. Around 300 participants from over 20 states across India participated in the event. The field was a mix of seasoned and novice drag racers. Various type of cars and bikes turned up at the event. Hatchbacks, fast sedans, Indian motorcycles to superbikes blazed down the drag strip in an attempt to cover the quarter in the shortest time possible.

In the Indian Hatchback Open Class, Vasudevan C emerged as the fastest driver with a 16.820 second time. Joel Joseph won the Pro Stock Open category by setting a time of 15.432 seconds. He then went on to win the Pro Unrestricted Class. His time of 13.308 seconds was unbeatable.

Racer is ready to set the track on fire at the JK Tyre Vroom 2016, at the Jakkur Aerodrome over the last weekend

In the 1150cc class of the Indian Cars category Abdullah Khan set the fastest time of 17.220 seconds. Dheeraj Manae won in the 1151cc-1450cc category setting a time of 16.442 seconds. Raja Shekhar R, was the fastest driver in the 1451-1650cc category, setting a total time of 16.888 seconds, Vivek Ramachander set a time of 15.366seconds to win the 1601-2000cc category. Mubarak Pasha won in the 649cc-803cc Class with by setting a drag time of 13.92 seconds.

The motorcycle races saw a huge turnout, with a number of riders giving it all to claim the title of the fastest rider in their class. Iqbal N Shaikh put up a stellar performance, winning in three categories. His timings in the 2-stroke category's 131cc to 165cc Class and the 350cc and above Class was 13.84 seconds and 12.57 seconds. The timing in the latter catrgory was the fastest of all Indian bikes. In  the Indian Open Class' 500cc category he set a time of 12.78 seconds.  Khalid Pasha won the 2-stroke, sub 130cc category by setting a time of 15.16 seconds.

The KTMs had turned out in large numbers too and there was a separate class for them. In the KTM 200 Class Sunny Gahale won by posting a time of 16.50 seconds. The KTM 390 Class was won by Aiyaz who set the fastest time at 14.17 seconds. He was also victorious in the 4-stroke Open Class with a total time of 14.15 seconds. The Bullet Open Class was won  by Mohammed Imran by setting a time of 15.62 seconds.

Anthony N Raj won the Foreign Bikes Class by posting a time of 11.909 seconds. Mubarak Pasha was the fastest in the 649cc-803cc with a total time of 13.92 seconds. Rizwan was the fastest rider in the Foreign Bikes 812cc-1000cc Class by setting a blistering time of 10.608 seconds. It was the only sub 11 second time, both in the Foreign Bikes Category as well as overall.  Stephen Pachigalia was the fastest rider in the 300cc Class with a 15.056 seconds.

Speedsters involved in a fiery action at the JK Tyre Vroom 2016, held at the Jakkur Aerodrome in Bengaluru on Sunday 16, 2016

Zubai Ali Jung had a memorable day as he won in two categories. In the 1001-1300cc class, he covered the quarter mile in an impressive 11.706 seconds. In the 1,300cc and above class he set the best time of 11.687 seconds.

Daredevils locked in a fierce battle for supremacy during the JK Tyre Vroom 2016, held at the Jakkur Aerodrome, Bengaluru on October 16, 2016

The 390cc 4-stroke Class for the ladies was won by Visakha Dhanraj. She set a time of 15.97 seconds.   Sonia Patel was classified as the fastest woman racer in the sports bike category.

A few supercars too ran during the event, however, in the non-competitive format. They made a few runs down the strip to enthrall the crowd.


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