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2016 Geneva Motor Show: Bugatti to showcase the Chiron

Team OD  | Published: March 01, 2016, 07:30 AM IST

Bugatti will unveil its new supercar, the Chiron at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Based on the spy pictures that have emerged, the Chiron will resemble the manic Veyron while borrowing the design cues from the sharp looking Vision Gran Turismo concept that was revealed earlier. The Chiron, hence, will be an angrier looking version of the Veyron with all the opulent bits in the cabin.

Spy pictures show the Chiron will be sharper and angrier looking than the Veyron

Bugatti had developed a radical 8-litre W16 engine for the Veyron that breathed through four turbochargers and had 16 radiators to keep it cool. The final iteration of the Veyron, the SS' engine produced an eye popping 1,200PS. Expect the Chiron to produce more power, courtesy a re-tuned version of the Veyron's W16.

The 'Chiron' name for the Veyron replacement is inspired from one of Buggatti's most legendary gentleman drivers, Louis Chiron. Chiron, the Veyron replacement, is named after one of Buggatti's most legendary drivers, Louis Chiron

The engine will have direct injection and two electric turbos in addition to the standard turbos that will run off the exhaust pressure. This setup will in turn mean zero turbo lag in the lower rev range. Reports also suggest that the Chiron could make 1,500 PS and command a sub-2.5s 0-100kmph time. Top speed should be in excess of 460kmph.

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