2015 Geneva Motor Show: Nissan Sway concept

Team OD Updated: March 04, 2015, 01:22 PM IST

After dropping a couple of teasers, Nissan has unveiled the Sway concept at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show. With the Sway, Nissan is emphasising on two keywords - 'dynamic' and 'sporty'. Nissan's design director, Keisuke Otsuki says that since the European market expects even a small car to be quick and sporty and the Sway previews a compact hatchback that is both fun to drive and good to look at.

Nissan Sway (4)

The design incorporates all the latest Nissan bits you can think of - the boomerang headlights and tail lights, the V-shaped grille and the floating roofline which is an evolution of the design seen on the Juke and the new X-trial. The Sway concept dons an X-shaped roof though, with glass surfaces filling up the sides to create a roomier effect inside the cabin. The concept also features suicide doors and a tiny rear windshield. The concept claims to have a low centre of gravity, while the wheels stretching out at the far corners of the car should enable good driving dynamics as well.

Nissan Sway (2)

On the inside, the dashboard elements follow a design theme that Nissan likes to call the Gliding Wing, with the centre console forming the spine and the dashboard fascia spreading out symmetrically around it like a pair of wings. The twin-pot instrumentation looks simple yet sporty with its amber backlight and fine read-outs. The dashboard and upholstery is draped in soft-touch materials, while all elements that require the driver to grip, that is the outer rim of the steering wheel and the gear shifter/selector, are made of metal. There is a touch panel infotainment in the centre console. The air-conditioning vents and knobs still employ a rotary design like the Micra.

Nissan Sway (6)

We believe that the Sway hatchback actually previews the next-generation Micra. With the current model, which was given a facelift a couple of years back, Nissan had made it clear that it wants to shed the Micra's feminine image and design a more metrosexual car that could appeal to a wider market base. The Sway's simple yet sporty design could be the right balance that may appeal to a global market.

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