2014 Tata Zest India image gallery

Team OD Updated: July 14, 2014, 02:55 PM IST

We just drove the Zest but before the review, here is a quick look at the petrol and diesel variants of what might just be the most important car launched by Tata Motors in recent times.

Images by Varun Anchan

Tata Zest (15)The new face is significantly better and seen here is what Tata Motors calls the humanity line, the two lines running across the top and bottom of the grille

Tata Zest (4)This is the top of the line Tata Zest petrol identified by the LED driving lamps. Minor design legacy carried forward can be seen in wrap around head lamps

Tata Zest (5)15-inch wheels and tyres filling up the wheel cavities and a striking side profile give the Zest an upmarket look and feel

Tata Zest (3)The slingshot line which runs from the front fenders forms the taut shoulder line and wraps itself around the car. Intended to give a sense of dynamics, along with the chrome strip, it makes the rear look arresting

Tata Zest (7)A clean, uniform design and a focused design direction that will be seen on subsequent Tata Motors passenger cars

Tata Zest (13)Another design characteristic is the diamond DLO, a line that forms the outer edge of the front window and which meets the roofline, A-pillar and door

Tata Zest PetrolDRL (4)Significant improvements to the interiors of the Tata Zest (as seen in the petrol variant) headlined by clean, well-cut dash, steering wheel. Harman Kardon provided a whole new infotainment system, more details in upcoming review

Tata Zest Diesel (4)The Tata Zest diesel uses the same instrument cluster as the petrol. The Harman Kardon audio system is a step lower than the one in the petrol, though its unclear if this is the top of the line model or not. More details at time of launch. Note the AMT shifter!

Tata Zest PetrolDRL (2)Same instrument cluster in the Zest petrol and diesel. Difference is the tacho needle which turns red at specific rpm like in the Tata Manza

Tata Zest (12)Tata Zest diesel gets the AMT transmission sourced from Fiat (Magnetti Marelli tech)

Tata Zest Diesel (2)Harman Kardon designed this infotainment system specifically for developing markets with low cost needs. Still state of the art with a dense array of features. Tata Zest is first to get this. Seen here is the lower spec unit sans the touchscreen

Tata Zest Diesel (1)Variable geometry turbocharged diesel also marketed as Quadrajet by Tata Motors is not new to the range. Read all about feel, performance and efficiency in our upcoming review

Tata Zest (6)Five-speed manual shift gate is unique to petrol, though technically both petrol and diesel use the same manual gearbox. In the diesel, AMT system is utilised to actuate gears in this manual transmission, making the clutch pedal redundant

Tata Zest PetrolDRL (1)Brightworks on the Tata Zest include projector headlamps and LED DRLs

Read our comprehensive Tata Zest road test here


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