2014 Mahindra Gusto 110cc scooter image gallery

Team OD Published: September 29, 2014, 01:47 PM IST

The Gusto is Mahindra's brand new 110cc scooter and is one of the best they have produced to date. You can read about it in our first ride article here. Till then take a look at the muscular and distinctive lines on the Gusto and let us know what you think of the design.

Mahindra Gusto (10)The Gusto gets a strong side profile with contoured body panels.

Mahindra Gusto (12)The Gusto has a new found suppleness to its ride quality and doesn't feel overtly soft like older Mahindras

Mahindra Gusto (13)A chunky front mudguard along with the interesting pilot lamps and faux grille characterise the front end

Mahindra Gusto (2)Mahindra's trademark flipkey with find me and follow me features comes on the top end Gusto VX

Mahindra Gusto (3)Simple dials without any digital elements or adjustable backlighting from other Mahindras like the Rodeo RZ

Mahindra Gusto (4)Handsome lamp design makes the rear the smartest looking angle on the Gusto

Mahindra Gusto (5)It may add some interest to the design but that grille is purely aesthetic

Mahindra Gusto (6)The headlamp gets a safe, slightly boring design that doesn't quite fit with the squared off muscular theme. The LED position lights on the side are a nice touch

Mahindra Gusto (7)12-inch steel wheels and telescopic forks offer good ride quality and composure over bumps

Mahindra Gusto (8)A forward facing kickstart means you can start the bike without putting it on the main stand

Mahindra Gusto (9)There are two baggage hooks, one on the front apron near the rider's knees and one below the seat

Mahindra Gusto (14)The seat opens backwards to enable the mechanism for the adjustable seat height. That's right, this scooter allows you to choose from two different seat heights

Mahindra GustoThe seat height adjust mechanism is simple and works with a twist of the knob in the image. The two settings differ by a good distance of 40mm

Mahindra Gusto (17)Note the small storage space below the instument cluster. It's open so we wouldn't suggest keeping anything valuable in there

Mahindra Gusto (16)The Gusto gets a brake locking clasp as standard on both variants

Mahindra Gusto (15)Soft rubber extensions on the rear footpegs prevent the rider from hurting the back of his/her legs when paddling at low speeds

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 48,615
Max Power(ps)
Max Torque(Nm)
63.50 Kmpl