2014 Kawasaki ZX-14R India image gallery

Varun Anchan Updated: January 20, 2014, 12:36 PM IST

We have ridden the fastest superbike there is in India now and here are some stunning images of it.

kawasaki zx14r (3)The monocoque chassis, a Kawasaki feature since the ZX-12R, is narrow but not skinny

kawasaki zx14r (8)Analog meters topped by a neat, but old-looking digital display

kawasaki zx14r (10)And just look at that face. Four-eyes never looked this scary!

kawasaki zx14r (12)Sitting on a 1481mm wheelbase, the ZX-14R is a long motorcycle.

kawasaki zx14r (2)The 1441cc engine that makes 200PS of power and once the ram air effect kicks in at higher speeds, peak power rises to 210-215PS

kawasaki zx14r (1)The ZX-14R isn't as deft a dancer as the ZX-10R but for a motorcycle this long, it turns well, favouring stability and confidence over agility

kawasaki zx14r (7)The huge front fender is a tell-tale sign of a high speed motorcycle

kawasaki zx14r (9)The disc brakes capped with ABS shed speed in a progressive manner

Brutal power meets aerodynamics! Brutal power meets aerodynamics!

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