2016 Auto Expo: Honda Jazz racing concept previews a sporty direction

07 Jul 2016 Aditya Chatterjee

The Honda BR-V and the Honda Accord have been hogging all the attention at the 2016 Auto Expo. But then, there was the Honda Jazz racing concept which was a special display by the brand.

Honda Jazz racing concept (9)

The racing livery, side skirts and all that high performance visual upgrades were one thing but the moment the motor was fired up, it was a different being.

The Honda Jazz racing concept was surely not powered by the regular motor but instead had a tweaked higher displacement motor under the hood. We believe its the 1.5-litre iVtec. Most importantly, the Honda Jazz racing prototype is a product from the brand's Indian research centre.

Honda Jazz racing concept (7)

With the advent of companies like Fiat and Volkswagen, the performance segment in India is expected to grow. Premium car makers are already reaping benefits with divisions such as AMG and M sport. Tata Motors has also showcased its upcoming performance brand at the 2016 Auto Expo. We believe that Honda, with the Jazz racing concept, might venture into the performance segment. Also, will add to the brand appeal

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