2016 Auto Expo: Volkswagen Polo GTI showcased

19 May 2016 Ashok George

After much speculation, Volkswagen has finally confirmed the arrival of the Polo GTI. The most powerful of the Polos will be launched in India in the second half of this year.

Volkswagen Polo GTI (1)

The three-door Polo GTI uses the 1.8 TSI and not the 1.4 TSI that was being rumoured. Volkswagen's 1.8-litre TSI motor has been tuned to make 192PS for the GTI. In case you were wondering, this is more power than what the race-spec Polos that were used in the Polo Cup, used to make. It uses the popular 7-speed DSG 'box and will also get paddle shifters. We expect the GTI to arrive as a CBU and that means that it should get the Euro-spec, performance suspension and disc brakes all around. The suspension is visibly lower and together with the low kerb weight, the car will be a very spirited performer. It will also get a sunroof.

Volkswagen Polo GTI (2)

More details about the spec and pricing will be announced closer to the launch date.However, we are quite sure it will not come cheap. Expect somewhere upwards of Rs 20 lakh.

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