2016 Auto Expo: Tata Tiago based Aktiv crossover on display

19 May 2016 Aditya Chatterjee

Tata Motors' pavilion at the 2016 Auto Expo drew quite a bit of attention with the Kite 5 compact sedan, Hexa MPV and Nexon SUV.In addition, the brand had a personalisation studio which had existing models kitted with accessories.

Tata-Tiago-Aktiv-crossover-6 (2)

Tata-Tiago-Aktiv-crossover-6 (1)

This section also had the Tiago based crossover, which will be tentatively called the Tata Tiago Aktiv. This model gets allthe usualadditions like mattecladding on the front and rear bumperswith bash plates underneath to give it a crossover look. The matte grille and the bright aluminium finished strip on the bumper makes it look different.

Tata Zica Aktiv crossover (5)

Tata Zica Aktiv crossover (3)

The Tiago crossover also getscontrasting roof rails, a sporty vinyl with newalloys and amatte black rocker mould. From the 'striker blue' shade displayed, it is evident that the Tata Tiago Aktiv will be offered in funky colours.

Tata Zica Aktiv crossover (2)

The Tata Tiago Aktiv will be powered by the same engines offered on the Tata Tiago. It will primarily compete against the Mahindra KUV100 and the Maruti Suzuki Celerio post its launch in India.

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