2016 Auto Expo: All-new BMW X1 image gallery

20 May 2016 Lijo Mathai

BMW's all-new front wheel drive X1 has been launchedat the Auto Expo 2016. Bookings for the new BMW X1 have started and the company has priced the models at Rs 29.9 lakh - Rs 39.9 lakh, ex-showroom pan-India. Deliveries will start from April 2016 and the car will be locally assembled at BMW India's Chennai plant. All the BMW X1 models that will be sold currently are diesels while sales of the petrol variants will start from late-2016. While you can read more details about the BMW X1 and its launch here, scroll down for a comprehensive image gallery of the car.

BMW X1 (8)

BMW X1 (9)

BMW X1 (4)

BMW X1 (6)

BMW X1 (11)

BMW X1 (12)

BMW X1 (13)

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