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A gang that drives together, stays together

15 Feb 2014 Sponsored

To say that the Duster was well received in the Indian automobile market, would be a gross understatement. Renault understood what the Indian customer desired, and delivered an SUV that took the market by storm. However, they wanted to go beyond mere numbers. The Duster experience had to be taken to the next level. The was to take a customer base and turn it into a community.


Renault wanted to make Duster owners across the country feel proud that they were part of something big. A feeling that they hadn't just bought a car but had bought into a lifestyle. And what better way to instill a sense of pride and belonging than by inducting them into an exclusive community -- The Gang of Dusters.

"After creating a new segment and reshaping the perception of Indian drivers about SUVs, the Renault Duster has been one of the most popular vehicles in the country over the past year and has won over nearly 60,000 owners. The Gang of Dusters is a celebration of a fabulous year and an opportunity for us share with Duster owners a sense of freedom and excitement with an adventurous drive and welcome each and every one of them into the Renault family." - Sumit Sawhney, Executive Director, Marketing & Sales.

Renault introduced the first journey the Gang would embark on -- The West Coast Expedition -- a 1400km drive along the Konkan coast. 11 lucky Duster owners were selected and the expedition was flagged off from Mumbai.

During the drive, participants had the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other Duster owners and drive enthusiasts as well as visit historic sites and go on a wildlife safari. Other activities included talking to a rally expert Vikram Mathias, taking part in impromptu rallies, rock climbing, building rafts and attending interactive service sessions, among others.

The Gang's adventures and experiences were documented and then put on show, in real time, via webcasts, videos and posts on social media as well as their website. Needless to say, all this created a healthy dose of envy. So much so that other Duster owners got together and set off on their own, posting their experiences and popularizing the movement even further.

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