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2014 Auto Expo: Terra 4000i and Kiwami showcased

06 Feb 2014 Team OD

Terra Motors showcased three electric products set to be assembled out of Hyderabad. The 4000i is a big scooter which has a 1kW motor which promises a 65km range and takes four hours to charge. It will be launched in India later this year. The company is thinking of giving a separate battery pack with the scooter. However the cost for the battery pack, Rs 65-70,000 is a deterrent as of now. Terra Kiwami The Terra Kiwami which was launched recently is an electric superbike which retails for Rs 17 lakh. As of now, it is a CBU and the company says that the prices will fall down once the bike is assembled in India. The Terra Kiwami has a 200km range and takes around six hours to charge. As of now though, Kiwami is embroiled in an issue with the powertrain supplier which the company refused to elaborate on. Terra-(1) Terra-(3) The Terra T4 e-Trike was also showcased at the expo.

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